Rehabilitation and Correction Centers Department


Rehabilitation and correction centers department was established on 1-1-1986 in which it supervised all affairs of rehabilitations centers at the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. The prisons at that time were followed to the police directorates, so that the department was responsible for detention centers technically.

On 27/6/2018, public security director issued a decision of restructuring  public security units based on the official letter # 3/35/6100 in which prisons security department, rehabilitation, correction centers department and Markah prison  were merged to be as following:

  • Number of Rehabilitation and correction centers is 18 centers
  • Number of security and guarding companies is 14 battalions + Tafelah guarding platoon + Al Karama platoon.
  • Number of security platoons is four.

On March 20, 2020, the Rapid Response Force was established for rehabilitation centers and reports directly to the Director of the Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Department.

The department adopted the philosophy of rehabilitation and correction instead of punishment in old work methods since the international human rights stipulated the protection of human rights at this domain.

The modern centers was equipped with modern equipments and tools to provide all necessary programs and healthy , cultural and training services necessary to rehabilitate the inmates and guide to the best of their interest.

The law # 40/ 2001 for rehabilitation and correction centers was issued instead of the old law # 23 / 1953 after it was certified by the parliament. The new law held the reference number (9) / 2004 and published in the daily news paper (page 2045) issue # 4656 / 29/4/2004. The law supports the inmates' social, healthy and cultural rights. The law included the principles of work at rehabilitation and correction centers to guarantee the rights of inmates.

 Modern rehabilitation centers have been established in the Kingdom, including professional and productive workshops, enabling these centers to carry out their correctional role. They have been provided with the necessary devices and equipment to provide all necessary social, health, cultural, sports and training services and programs to rehabilitate the inmate and correct his behavior.

 The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers, in direct coordination with the leadership of the Public Security agency , is keen on permanent coordination with human rights and monitoring organizations, whether international or local, and enables the staff of these institutions to visit the centers and enable any inmate to communicate with them or with his country’s embassy, as required.


Excellence and leadership in a security, humanitarian and rehabilitative environment for inmates at the national, regional and international levels.


Developing the security system for correction and rehabilitation centers and inmates to ensure the implementation of the sentences issued  by providing distinguished services and care to inmates in accordance with the best legislation and international standards and helping them integrate to society upon their release through targeted correctional and rehabilitative programs and in cooperation with partners.

 Core Values

  • Human rights and the rule of law
  • Loyalty and belonging
  • Good governance
  • Institutional work
  • Excellence and creativity