Public Security Directorate

Public security history is considered to be an important part of the modern Jordan history, public security directorate have passed with various stages due to the changes in Jordan

His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Bin Al Hussein, may God rest his soul, arrived to Ma'an on 11th of November 1920, His Highness arrived to Amman on 2nd of March 1921 and assigned the first Jordanian government headed by Rashid Dlia'h. The first Director of public security was Ali Qalgi Bashah known as "the adviser of security and discipline". The security force at that time consisted of gendarmerie forces, gendarmerie battalion, regular battalion and equestrian battalion

On 10th of March 1922 adviser of security and discipline was replaced by public security director..

In 1927the deputy chief of army was changed into assistant of army chief for public security

In 1930  a number of Bedouin men was recruited to form a force responsible for security in desert , the force was headed by Klob Basha , his assistant was surrogate Ahed Al-Sukun , the force was known as "Badyah Force" located in Mafraq, Azraq and Al-jafer

Public security was joined completely to the Army until 1956 as assistant to the commander of the joint chiefs of staff for public security.

On 14th of July 1956  public security was disjointed from the army command in which the first public security director was designated, on the 11th of April 1958, public security was established as independent legal entity followed to the Ministry of Interior pursuant to the public security Law # (29) 1985

The Civil Defense Law # (12) 1959 was issued instead of the temporary Law # (35) 1956 , civil defense is still followed to the public security until the separation administratively in 1970

In 1978 the Civil Defense Department was separated financially from the Public Security Directorate with its own budget. In response to the developments that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan witnessed in the nineties of the twentieth century, including its development and prosperity, the Civil Defense Law No. (18) of 1999 was issued to replace the Civil Defense Law No (12) of 1959 .

In 2008 , the Directives of His Majesty the Supreme Commander King Abdullah II - may God protect him – were issued to reform the gendarmerie after separating the Special Security Forces from the Public Security Directorate. A Royal Decree was issued to approve the Gendarmerie Law on 10/7/2008, so that the gendarmerie forces began to carry out their national duties side by side with the Public Security Agency.

On 16/12/2019 the Royal Decree was issued to merge the Gendarmerie and the Civil Defense Directorate to the Public Security Directorate, and the Royal Decree was issued to approve the amending law to Public Security Law No. (14) 2020. Thus, the three security agencies would have united under the name of the Public Security Directorate and the gendarmerie and civil