Juvenile and Family Protection Department 


About Us

The establishment of the Family Protection Department dates back to 1997, and through the creation of a department in the Shmeisani police station, it began its work in 1998.

In 2003, the Family Protection Department became an independent department.

In 2011, the Juvenile Police Department was established and began work in 2012.

In 2014, Juvenile Law No. 32 was issued, which is considered a modern law that keeps pace with ambitions and achieves the best interest of juveniles, it was launched in 2015, where it stipulated in its articles the establishment of a police department in the Public Security Directorate specialized in juveniles (Article 3/a) and gave the Department of Juveniles Juvenile police the power to settle disputes in violations , and the regulation for settling disputes in juvenile cases No. (112) for the year 2016, in addition to emphasizing in more than one place in the Juvenile Law on the best interest of the juvenile, especially (Article 4/a) that it takes into account the juvenile’s best interest, protection, rehabilitation and care .

In 2021, the Juvenile Department was merged with the Family Protection Department to become the Juveniles and Family Protection Department.


  • Investigating cases of sexual exploitation on the Internet, arresting the perpetrators and transfer  them to court.
  • Providing technical support to the Department and its field divisions by examining digital evidence and providing the necessary technical reports to the judiciary and technical experts in the cases of the Family and Juvenile Protection Department if requested, and contributing to the investigation of cases of unknown sexual assaults by reaching out to identify the perpetrators using modern digital technologies and extracting digital evidence.
  • Investigating cases received from the International Interpol related to the dissemination of child pornography on the Internet.
  • Providing technical support for case archiving systems, archiving social studies files, and managing a system for automating procedures for dealing with domestic violence cases.
  • Follow-up the department’s e-mail, supervise the social networking site (Facebook) page, receive messages and publications related to issues of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and juvenile delinquency, follow-up and respond to them, and send them to the relevant departments, in addition to monitoring publications, videos, and photos related to the nature of the administration's work through social networking sites.
  • Supervising the implementation of project activities.
  • Preparing and reviewing agreements and memorandums of understanding with partner agencies.
  • Coordinating and escorting delegations' visits and coordinating meetings.



The environment that enhances family and child security for a safe and stable society.


Strengthening the protection system by providing specialized security and sectoral services based on the needs of the abused without discrimination, in cases of domestic violence, violence against children, gender-based violence, sexual assault and juvenile delinquency, in a way that achieves the best interest of the family and the child through qualified and specialized cadres using the latest technologies and within the highest standards Privacy and confidentiality.

Core values 

  • Respect human rights .
  • Preserving the unity of the family.
  • Justice and fairness.
  • Integrative participatory approach.
  • The best interest of the child.

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