Criminal Investigation Department


The history of the criminal investigation goes back to the formation of the Arab Army, and it was known as the Criminal Investigation Department.

In 1953 it was renamed under the name of the General Investigation Department.

In 1961, the department was divided into two parts. The first retained the basic name of the department (Political Intelligence and Crime Division).

In 1968, the Crimes Department was organized and became known as the Criminal Investigations Branch.

In 1974, the second conference of Arab police leaders was held in Amman, and the branch was named the Investigation Department.

In 1984 AD, criminal investigation detachments were established in the police directorates in the governorates of the Kingdom.

In 1987, the branches of criminal investigation in the police directorates became sections of the police directorates in each governorate.

On 8/8/2004 AD, it was decided to create a criminal investigation department.

In 2008, the Technical Support Department was created, and in 2015 it was developed into the Cybercrime Combating Unit.

On 2/9/2012, the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit was established in the Criminal Investigation Department and began its work on 1/1/2013.

 The duties of the Criminal Investigation Department is to assess the criminal reality within the competence of the departments and detachments, and to strengthen the areas that need support from human capabilities and others, and to investigate cyber crimes and technology-related crimes, retrieve digital evidence, document and analyze it, provide judicial authorities with technical expertise reports, and initiate legal procedures related to images of human trafficking and its control. In accordance with the powers given to the relevant law enforcement agencies, and to bring the perpetrators of human trafficking crimes to the competent judicial authorities to take legal action.


Leadership in combating traditional and contemporary crime at the national level.


A criminal security department combats crime with the best practices in accordance with laws and legislation through qualified human cadres and using modern technology in cooperation with partners and in a manner consistent with human rights standards.

Core Values

1-Good governance.

2- Honesty and sincerity.

3-Work in a team spirit.

4- Participatory.


6-Creativity and excellence.



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