Anti-Cyber Crimes Unit 

pursuant to the Royal vision in protecting the citizens and keeping pace with the security development, Public Security Directorate in the Criminal Investigation Department established in 2008 the Cybercrime Department and developed it in 2015 under the name of the Anti- Cybercrime Unit  when the Cybercrime Law No. (27) was issued to address electronic cases within articles that show the offense and its punishment.

In an effort to combat cybercrime and educate society against its dangers, the unit works according to a participatory approach with international and local institutions and companies, private institutions, financial and banking institutions, telecommunications companies and civil society institutions.

 legal frame work 
  • Cybercrime Law No. (27) of 2015
  • Telecommunications Law No. (13) of 1995
  • Electronic Transactions Law No. (85) of 2001
  • Penal Code No. (16) of 1960
  • All laws are in force in the Kingdom according to the text of Article 15 of the Cybercrime Law No. 27 of 2015.
 cyber crimes 
cyber crimes concept 
  • Every act criminalized by laws that would attack material and/or moral conditions is the result, directly or indirectly, of the intervention of information technology.
  • Every act or omission using a technological means is punishable by law.



Some investigative methods in technical tracking
  • Through the company hosting the account or the website (Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, ....)
  • Through social engineering, this method depends on individual skill and is characterized by its difficulty in terms of effort and time.
  • Through digital recorders (Logs), electronic message sources and digital traces.
  • By collecting information and data and identifying the user's digital identity.
  • The digital address (IP) with a specific time and date represents a very important digital evidence in identifying the user, and the digital address can only be translated into the user's name through the Internet service provider.
  • It is not possible to provide more than one digital address with a specific time and date as a result of the technical tracking process, regardless of the different methods.
  • In some cases, the digital address on which the call was made can be provided as a maximum.
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