Women Police command 

Establishment / Development of the Command

  • 1972,First school was established to train the women's police ,and the beginning was (6) ladies who were the foundation of women police .

  • 1978,The Royal Decree was issued approving the name princess Basma for the women's police Training School then become the " Princess Basma Institute for Preparing and Qualifying Women's Police.

  • 1987,A decision was issued to create a woman police leadership ,and Princess Basma Institute became part of it ,which was linked administratively to the leadership and technically to the training department. 

  • 1990,The Women's Police Public Prosecutor assumed the position of Delegated Prosecutor. 

  • In 2000 
  1. The women police became director of Woman Reform and Rehabilitation Center, which run entirely just from female officers.
  2. The women police participated at arrangement of traffic through their work in Traffic Department.
  • In 2001, A decision was issued to change the name of Woman Police Leadership to become the women's Police Department
  • In 2002, the first female police music band was formed at the Middle East level

  •  In 2003, a Decision was issued to change the name of Woman Police Department to be Women Police Affairs Department.  The Princess Basma Institute was followed to it administratively and technically with the Training Department.

  • In 2005, The first women police kickboxing team was formed

  •  In 2006

  1. Woman police involved in Criminal Investigation Department.
  2. Opening vacancies to take up leadership positions in the Public Security directorate
  3.  The first women police shooting team was formed. 
  • In 2008, Women police worked as Tourist Police and  tourist guide.
  • 2011, reactivating the women police rapid response team.

  • 2012, the opening of a nursery for the children of the women police personnel at the Women Police Department.
  • 2013, raising the percentage of military women’s participation in the missions of the United Nations, peace and security forces.
  • 2014, the formation of the first equestrian team consisting of (6) females.
  • 2005 - 2013, the King Abdullah Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency for (the third category), and 5 of women police received this award (the Traffic Department, the Licensing Department)
  • 2015:

The participation of women police in the training of trainers course at the Institute of Peacekeeping TOT, and there are (11) international trainers from the salaries of women police.
Women police participated in training programs in the UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Afghanistan.



Distinguished and pioneering women police, at the regional and international levels.


Qualify and empower women's leadership officers and enhance cooperation and coordination with partners to provide police security services with a highly competitive advantage to everyone who resides in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Core Values

The rule of law, Institutionalism, Integrity, Transparency, Participation, Professionalism, Excellence, Standardization, Impartiality, and Development.