Jordan Traffic Institute 

    Motor bikes instructors course for civilians


  • All Jordanian drivers who meet the conditions of the course


  • Jordan Traffic Institute 


  • To have a driving training course held at the Traffic Institute or one of the civil centers accredited by it.
  • The participant must have a motorcycle driver’s license (first category) (for civilians) or be classified as a motorcycle driver two years after successfully passing the basic motorcycle driving course (for military personnel).
  • The participant must pass the admission test at the Jordanian Traffic Institute.
  • The participant must be medically fit


  • Personal proof
  • Valid driver's license


  • Apply to the course via e-mail.
  • The necessary procedure by the Jordan Traffic Institute upon request.
  • The applicant will be notified of the application in case of approval or rejection.
  • In case of approval, a date will be set for the interview (theoretical and practical examination).
  • After passing the interview, a date will be set for the course and fees will be paid.




  • (531.2) dinars / participant

Time expected

  • four weeks