Jordan Traffic Institute 

   organizing traffic awareness activities at the request of the recipient  


  • All Jordanian drivers who meet the conditions of the course


  • Jordan Traffic Institute 


  • The participant must have a valid driver's license of the fifth category
  • The participant must be of Jordanian nationality and not less than (27) years old until the date of his participation in the course.
  • The subscriber must be of good conduct.
  • The participant must have a valid lower (fourth) category training permit
  • The participant must have practiced training in the lowest (fourth) category for a full year
  • The participant must be physically fit in accordance with the health fitness instructions for driving license applicants
  • The participant must pass the acceptance test at the Jordanian Traffic Institute
  • the driver’s license of the participant has not been suspended judicially or administratively, and that a period of one year has from the date of submission of the application for committing any of the traffic violations stipulated in any of Articles (26 to 29) and Paragraph (a) of Article (30) of the Traffic Law
  • The number of participants in the course should not be less than five and not more than nine. If the number is less than five, the costs of the course will be divided by the number of participants.


  • Personal proof
  • Valid driver's license


  • Apply to the course via e-mail.
  • The necessary procedure by the Jordan Traffic Institute upon request.
  • The applicant will be notified of the application in case of approval or rejection.
  • In case of approval, a date will be set for the interview (theoretical and practical examination).
  • After passing the interview, a date will be set for the course and fees will be paid.




  • (531.90) dinars / participant

Time expected

  • two weeks