• Contribute to preparing the policy of the Public Security Directorate in the field of crime occurrence and control through the annual criminal statistical report and the daily, monthly and quarterly crime statistics, and providing the concerned authorities with detailed studies of various crimes.
    • Monitoring all data entered into the control system from all units entered into the control system.
    • Correcting and addressing errors and issuing security approvals for licensing (weapons, ammunition, hazardous materials, and general licenses) in coordination with the regional security commands and various police directorates, and ensuring their implementation in accordance with laws, regulations, and instructions.
    • Auditing all non-conviction transactions, recruitment and good behavior, and issuing the various security approvals that are received.
    • Receiving and implementing circulars.
    • Holding courses for workers on the control system from all public security units and following up  the provision of security services in accordance with the standards of the King Abdullah II Award Excellence and Government Performance in the development and creativity