Criminal Information Department

The Criminal Information Department was established in 1923 under the name “Criminal Investigation Department”.

In 1948, it was divided into two units:

  • Department of the political unit.
  • Crime Records Department.

  In 1953, the two units were merged under the name of the General Investigation Department.

    In 1961, the General Investigation Department was divided into two sections:

  • General Investigation section.
  • General Intelligence section.

In 1968, the name was changed from the General Investigation Department to the Criminal Investigation Branch (where the  Foreigners and Borders Department was separated and became an independent department).

   In 1973, the Anti-Narcotics section was separated and the Anti-Narcotics department was formed as independent unit.

    In 1974, the Criminal Investigation Department was established as an alternative to the Criminal Investigation Branch.

    In 1995, the Criminal Laboratory Department was separated from the Department and forensics  and Laboratories department was created.

     In 1997, the Arab and International Police Department  was separated and the Arab and International Police Department was created.

     On February 1, 1998, the name of the department became the Criminal Information Department and was followed  to the Assistant Judicial Police.



A pioneering and ambitious department that provides a comprehensive database that contributes to achieving security and preserving rights and freedoms.


Providing accurate and comprehensive security services and information to law enforcement institutions that contribute to reducing crime through an advanced security information system

Core Values

  • Loyalty and belonging
  • Commitment to institutional work
  • Excellence in service delivery
  • confidentiality
  • Justice and Equality
  •  Integrity and transparency
  • creativity and innovation