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 Public Security Hotel and Chalets were inaugurated under the Royal Decree on 3/18/2017, in line with the royal directives to raise the level of services provided to personnel of the Public Security directorate.

 The establishment of the hotel, which is the first of its kind, came to serve the retirees and personnel of Public Security directorate and other security agencies, in addition to all members of society by providing them with


 The hotel includes (71) various residential units, including hotel rooms, family suites, chalets and villas.

 The hotel offers three outdoor heated swimming pools, a Jacuzzi and a safe play area for children.

The hotel has three distinguished restaurants that cater to all tastes, and a health club equipped with the latest sports and health equipment and devices.

 The hotel provides a cruise service and various water sports activities.

 The hotel contains many amenities to provide a comfortable and enjoyable hotel stay for guests and businessmen.

 The hotel provides free Wi-Fi (without paying additional fees).

distinguished hotel accommodation at low prices and in a safe environment.




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