Traffic Department


In 1926, the first branch specialized in traffic regulation was established, and it was at that time associated with the commander of the army.

In 1946, the Traffic Department was created, as it was associated with the Director of the Capital Police, it was carrying out duties related to licensing drivers and vehicles.

In 1965, the Licensing Department was created to carry out work related to driver and vehicle licensing.

In 1973, the Traffic Department was separated from the Capital Police Directorate and followed to the assistant to the Administrative Police.

In 1990, the administration police was restructured to become in the name of the Central Traffic Department, which includes included all traffic departments operating in police directorates with the aim of implementing a new and comprehensive traffic policy and realizing the principle of central planning and decentralization of implementation.

In 2003, a women's police detachment was assigned to the personnel  of the Traffic Department to work as traffic officers in the field, and since then  their training and rehabilitation continued until they became highly prepared and competent and distinguished in field work in all its forms.

After the year 2012, the Department  witnessed a great development at all levels, especially in the field of using modern technologies in the traffic process such as (expansion using automated monitoring, the use of PDA, television monitoring in the CCTV operating room, in addition to the opening of a number of new traffic sections).

 In 2013, the use of electronic sketch scheme  was started in the traffic accident system.

 In 2018, the name of the Central Traffic Department was modified to become the Traffic Department which was restructured.