Royal Police Academy 

About the Academy

  •   The Police Academy was established on 1/4/1987 AD and commenced its work to assume the responsibility of  training personnel in the Public Security Agency in its various formations, and to undertake the preparation of specialized training programs for officers and training courses for leaders, and the College of Graduate Studies was established, which grants master’s and doctoral degrees in various specializations under the umbrella of the Mutah university.
  •   On 6/26/1989, the Police Academy was inaugurated under the patronage of His Majesty the late King Hussein Bin Talal, and on 8/10/1989 A Royal Decree was issued naming it “the Royal Police Academy”.
  •   One of the duties of the Royal Police Academy is to prepare senior leaders in the Public Security Directorate in accordance with the latest international standards, supervise postgraduate programs (Masters and PhD) specialized in the fields of comprehensive security, criminal justice and leadership to prepare security competencies capable of facing the changes of the times in a scientific and systematic manner, and implement training programs related to the middle and executive leaderships and providing them with administrative, legal and police knowledge to carry out their duties efficiently and competently, and holding meetings, seminars and workshops among participants in educational and training programs and between partners, leaders and politicians in various fields related to the nature of security, and excellence in preparing security leaders through continuous improvement and development.

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