Peacekeeping Operations Department


Jordan is one of effective countries in the General Assembly of UN because of its contributions to the international peacekeeping operations in conflict areas. Participants of peacekeeping operations either from public security directorate or Gendarmerie enjoy the experience and qualifications. The first police participation in peacekeeping operations came to live at 1992 in Croatia. since then, public security directorate seeks to increase the number Jordanian peacekeepers for the sake of good reputation at the international level.

The continuation of UN peace keeping missions leads to provide better understanding to the concept of peacekeeping duties. PSD issued the decision of innovating JPDPKO (Jordan Police Department Of Peacekeeping Operations ). Peacekeeping operations training center was connected to the fresh department to highlight the role of PSD and Gendarmerie forces within united nations organization. The training center provides the advanced skills of training and qualifying to peacekeepers based on the international standards of police work style.