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  • Before 1958, technical support was provided to the Amman Central Operator in the Arab Army. The supervisor of the coordination of the reform process to the Public Security was one officer and four technicians, and the supervising authority was called the Police Vehicles Department.
  • In 1958, the first workshop to repair the vehicles of the Public Security was established.
  • In (1971) the Department of Workshops and vehicles was created in its current location.
  • In 1986, the Maintenance Department was established to be responsible for the technical support for vehicles and power generators, in addition to weapons.
  • On (16/12/2019) a Royal Decree was issued merging (the General Directorate of Gendarmerie Forces and the General Directorate of Civil Defense) within the Public Security Directorate, and the Maintenance Department became an independent department followed to the Assistant for management and Logistic Support.
  • On (8/7/2020), the organizational structure of the Maintenance Department was issued, which includes the merger of the Gendarmerie Maintenance Department and the Civil Defense Maintenance Department under the name (Maintenance Groups)


Towards advanced Excellency  in the field of maintenance of vehicles , power generators and weapons, and raising the level of technicians in the maintenance department in line with technological development.


Performing  the duties  of the maintenance accurately and professionally, providing comprehensive technical support, and upgrading the readiness of public security vehicles  and equipment to the highest possible level.

 Core Values 

Application of the principle of justice.

Optimum utilization of available financial and human resources.

Work honestly and sincerely and achieve integration through teamwork.

Develop social relations by participating in social events for officers and individuals.

Rapid response in providing technical service with the highest efficiency