Judicial Executive Department

Overview :

Based on the development that has occurred in the judicial system in Jordan and the expansion of for demographic jurisdiction in addition to the number of courts of all kinds in various regions of the Kingdom Public Security Directorate has established a specialized department concerned with the implementation of court requests and decisions that were previously implemented before By the police directorates, the judicial executive department have a direct contact with the judicial system in order to facilitate the task of implementing judicial requests and decisions, which will positively affect the speed of adjudication of cases and the delivery of rights to their owners.

On July 14, 1997, the official development of the department that have took place, it covered the capital only, and then followed that the opening of implementation departments in all governorates of the Kingdom, and the Judicial Executive Department is considered a department specialized in the implementation of the requests and decisions of the courts and the judicial orders issued by them in various parts of the Kingdom.

Among the duties of the Judicial executive Department are the implementation of subpoenas issued by the regular and Sharia courts, public prosecution departments, and enforcement departments, evacuating rented property, and seizing vehicles, executing travel ban orders issued by various judicial authorities, and executing requests issued by various regular and Sharia courts, public prosecution departments, and enforcement departments related to Public Prosecution witnesses. (Public Security Directorate personnel).

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