Jordan International Police Training Center

 About center :

The International Police Training Center was established in October 2003. Since its establishment, the Center has received the police forces of brotherly and friendly countries for the purposes of training and exchanging experiences.

The center seeks to develop the training process to raise the efficiency of the training system through the optimal investment of Jordanian human resources and the development of distinguished international relations with brotherly and friendly countries in a way that contributes to achieving the concept of comprehensive security.

Among the duties of the Jordan International Police Training Center is the continuity of the center as a regional and global destination for qualifying of officers and members of the police and security forces, and the preparation of a security man capable of adapting and working under all surrounding security conditions and respect for the rule of law and human rights and the principles of justice and freedom within the framework of the legal state and institutional security work, and continuity in preparing Qualifying Jordanian manpower capable of competition and creativity in the areas of police and security work, and investing in the capabilities and facilities available in the center to serve the training process in a way that achieves the center’s basic objectives, and expanding in the areas of training in combating terrorism and organized crime at the regional and global levels.


A distinguished center locally, regionally and globally in the field of specialized security training.

 The Message : 

Training according to the best international principles, standards and protocols through specialized training programs.

 Core values: 

  1. Justice .
  2. participatory.
  3. Neutrality.
  4. equality.
  5. competitiveness.
  6. Excellence.
  7. innovation and creativity . 


  • Implementation of the center's strategy based on the directives of the Public Security Directorate.
  • Preparing, designing and printing curricula for specialized courses by specialists from the center’s personnel and in partnership with the international side.
  • Implementation of training programs and promotion of the training process through qualified trainers and lecturers, and benefit from the foreign expertise in the center.
  • Implementation of the terms of the agreements concluded with the concerned parties and according to the directives of the Public Security Directorate and the legal requirement of the agreements.
  • Carry out any duties required by the training process.


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