Innovation and Development Center 



Pursuant  to  the Visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect him, to support innovation and owners of creative ideas to enhance a culture of creativity and embrace creative and innovative ideas of  the security and police work, partnership with the local community, and cooperation with all public and private sectors.

The Royal Patronage came with the opening of the Innovation and Development Center at the Public Security Directorate on February 23, 2020

Based on Public Security Directorate’s keenness to achieve the best means of communication and openness to various institutions and bodies, whether in the public or private sectors, and in an effort by the Center for Innovation and Development in implementing the general strategy of the Public Security Directorate represented in embodying its objectives by attracting the public of citizens to achieve the partnership in the security process and service provision In the best interest of the local community, the Innovation and Development Center was established  to be a center specialized in embracing creative and innovative ideas of the security analysis and partnership with the local community, in order to implement the optimal and most appropriate ones, and to contribute to strengthening the security system and improving the services provided, as the center is considered the first for  ideas at the sector level. It seeks to create a pioneering environment care to the  creative and innovative ideas, and to spread the culture of security pioneering thought and institutional innovation.


A distinguished and pioneering center in adopting and supporting innovative and development ideas and a role model at all national and regional levels


Encouraging ideas, creating promising innovations, transforming them into practical outputs, and upgrading the security service provided in an effort to create a generation that believes in a culture of innovation


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