Ifta'a and Religious Guidance Department

 About Us

  • Attention to religious guidance in the Public Security Directorate began at the end of the sixties, when a university graduated was recruited as imam with the rank of lieutenant and was attached to the Operations Department. At the beginning of the seventies, coordination was made with the Ifta’a Directorate in the Jordan Armed Forces to assign a guide to the rank of officer.
  • In 1978, a legal officer was transferred to the category of guide and attached to the Public Relations Department, and then three imams with the rank of lieutenant were recruited in 1980, when they were deployed in the various public security units.
  • In 1982, a religious guide with the rank of major was assigned from the Jordan Armed Forces- Ifta'a Directorate to the Religious Guidance Department in the Public Relations Department.
  • On (1-6-1990), the order was issued to create the Department of Fatwa and Religious Guidance, and an acting director was appointed with the rank of captain from the imams of Public Security, after which a L.T colonel was transferred from the Jordan Armed Forces - Ifta Directorate and appointed as a Mufti of Public Security.
  • On (16-12-2019 AD), a Royal Decree was issued merging the security agencies under the name of the Public Security Directorate with its three components, and thus the Fatwa and Religious Guidance departments in the Gendarmerie and Civil Defense forces became part of the Ifta’a and Religious Guidance Department in the Public Security Directorate.


Reaching public security personnel  to legal concepts consistent with national purposes and demonstrating that police work is a kind of bond for the sake of God. 


Religiously educating public security personnel within action plans in line with the duties and objectives of the units, identifying and developing positive attitude, studying them, and providing religious  solutions.

Core Values

  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Moderation and rejection of extremism .
  • team work and police work is worship and it is one of the types of bonds for the sake of God.
  • Seeking change to the best.