Community Peace Center

About us


The idea of ​​establishing the Community Peace Center as one of the strategic plan projects of the Public Security Directorate in combating extremist ideology and negative phenomena in society to create a central unit that unifies efforts directed at combating extremist ideology and dedicates the concept of institutionalization to awareness, prevention and treatment of the dangers and focuses on partnership and open channels of communication with the local community in building sound thinking at the national level.


Togather For safer community to our generations


Achieving intellectual security and social peace, by working in a team spirit with all components of society to maintain an intellectually and behaviorally sound community environment.

Core Values 

Renouncing hatred and extremism among the members of the one Jordanian society, rejecting violence in all its forms, and helping the youth of the country by raising their awareness of the harmful effects of social media and combating all negatives within society.

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