Escorts Instructions 

The pink permit for the escorts has been canceled and replaced by keeping the old permit, making sure that the escorts are present on it, if any, and that there is a paper on which the person’s photo, date, and hour of entry is present. These procedures are checked from time to time with the Israeli side through the front bridge officer. It is permissible to leave for the escorts on the old permit as a whole, and it can be divided for one time only. If the traveler (a minor) holds a Palestinian passport and left from the Israeli side to Jordan with the entry stamp installed on it, and after that he lost it, he is not allowed to enter the West Bank except in the presence of a humanitarian case, in coordination with the front bridge officer, and so on, he must bring a new Palestinian passport. If the traveler obtains a Palestinian passport in exchange for a lost one, he may leave for the Israeli side one year after the expiry of the passport’s period, i.e. within six years from the date of issuance of the passport, if the exit stamp is not affixed to it. Not allowing the escorts, regardless of their age, who hold green cards to remain inside the country, and note them to leave, because their stay is linked to a mother or father,

Undertakings for this category are taken in the following cases:

  • The holder of the permit has obtained a valid annual residency document, as evidenced by the green card.
  •  The children of the Jordanian woman, the wife of the Palestinian, who are under 16 years of age, provided that a custody argument is presented from the Sharia Court.
  •  Children of the Jordanian wife under the age of (16) years.
  •  In the event that the companion on the permit is outside the country and his age is more than (16) years for the holders of the yellow and green bridges cards, the inquiry is made through the Office of the Security Department of Bridges to prove that they are outside the country and this is recorded in the notes field to allow the permit holder to leave without the companions.
  •  Those accompanying the permit, regardless of their age, for yellow card holders are allowed to leave on the old permit (for one of the parents), provided they return with a separate permit and identity.
  •  An accompanying person on a permit for one of the parents is allowed to leave under a permit or a copy of the permit without the presence of the owner of the original permit. He will be given a green bridges card if the father is of Palestinian nationality, and he will be treated as visitor permits if the father holds a yellow card.
  •  In the event of the death of the author of the permit and the presence of children on the permit, it is required to bring an original death certificate + permit + identity card, and the presence of all accompanying persons and giving them a departure movement on the bridges card of the deceased.
  •  A companion who has reached the age of (16) years or more is not allowed to leave if he holds a separate Israeli permit unless he obtains a separate passport or a passport review card.


Approvals for escorts under the legal age

It is not allowed to divide the companions added to the Jerusalem permit, except in exceptional cases that are presented to the director of the department in order to preserve the right of citizenship in Jerusalem.

Approvals for children’s travel are not accepted unless they are issued by police stations  within the jurisdiction, drawn on paper, signed, certified, and sealed with the stamp of the security center and humiliated to residents inside the country.

The approval of the fathers is required for Jordanian children under the age of 18, regardless of the nationality of the wife.

In the event that the spouses are outside the country, the husband is required to send the transaction by fax through Jordanian embassies around the world or by a certified agency.

If it is not possible to send an approval from the embassy, ​​it depends on sending it on social networking sites under the following conditions:

  • A copy of the valid husband's passport.
  •  A copy of the residence permit.
  •  No objection written in the names of the companions signed by the husband.