First: the departing cargo branch


  1. When the truck enters the customs yard, the driver goes to the customs to complete the transaction by customs officials (completion of customs transactions).
  2. After the customs transaction are completed, the truck driver goes to the office of the head of the shipping section , and the validity of the truck driver’s passport and the validity of the driving and registration license is checked . After that, the driver  is given an exit card and security checked by the intelligence officer. A departure movement is registered with the police from our personnel  in the shipping department. Reservation of the passport, especially the driver, until he returns from the other party and registers an oncoming movement.
  3. Drivers are registered with all the details about them and their trucks in a special register for this purpose.
  4. An amount of two dinars is collected for each truck according to a financial receipt by the accountant of the shipping section.
  5. An amount of (20) twenty dinars shall be collected as an allowance for loading and unloading trucks by forklift to the Bridges Security Department by the accountant of the shipping section .
  6. The information about the driver and the truck is entered into the computer.
  7. The driver goes to his truck to be inspected by the security committee, which is made up of representatives from (General Intelligence, PSD , Military Security, the special branch , Royal Engineering Corps, Customs, Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Authority) where an inspection control prepared for this purpose is signed. .
  8. After completing the inspection process, the driver heads his truck to the door to leave after completing his documents.
  9. Freight drivers required by official circulars are transferred to the Administration Bureau for the necessary action.


Second: the coming cargo branch


  1. When the truck returns after loading from the Israeli side, the truck driver reviews customs, completes customs procedures, and takes an exit card.
  2. The customs security employee takes the exit card at the main door of the section, and then the truck leaves the shipping section towards the southern Shounah and the place he is driving to.