Audit and Follow-up Section 

About the Section

This section was created on May 29 1983, at that time it was technically followed  with the Department of Statistics, due to the nature of the work.

In 1983, the Follow-up and Inspection Department was created in the Bridges Security Department to keep pace with the creation of the Follow-up and Inspection Department of the Ministry of Interior.

On 1/2/1988, the two sections  were merged into one department under the name of the Audit and Follow-up Division. It is administratively and technically followed  to the Bridges Security Department and works with the Follow-up and Inspection Department of the Ministry of Interior.

As the Follow-up and Audit section  (Bridge Security Department) and the Follow-up and Inspection division  (Ministry of Interior) are located in a common building (Tabarbour next to the Civil Status and Passports Department) in order to overlap the work of the and to facilitate the citizens in terms of time and effort.


Duties and Services 

Data entry of  all types of cards (yellow, green and blue) on the computer.

- Replace cards, whether from yellow to green or vice versa, according to the instructions (attached to the services of the department).

- Making lists for those who have exceeded their residence permits, follow up them inside the country and ensure their departure.

- Issuance of new cards of all types in exchange for lost, damaged or expired cards.

- Checking transactions received from government departments to indicate the type of card issued to the person with the transaction.