Arab and International Police Department Duties:

1. Receive correspondence from the General Secretariat of Arab Interior Ministers Council, its specialized bureaus, liaison divisions in Arab countries, the General Secretariat- INTERPOL/Lyons  and the national central bureaus of the Member countries.

2. To circulate individuals wanted by Arab and foreign countries at the  local level via international notices, temporary arrest requests and messages received from National Central bureaus and liaison divisions.

3. To  pursuit individuals wanted by our local authorities through Criminal Prosecution Department , liaison divisions in other countries and also through General Secretariat- Interpol and Central  National Bureaus in the Member countries.

4. To organize  and follow up on the criminal records of wanted individuals at the Arab and international levels as well as to exchange the criminal information concerning them.

5. To pursue  Jordanian nationals' cases and who are arrested abroad through liaison divisions and national central bureaus .

6. To follow up on the extradition files and cases with judicial authorities regarding wanted individuals and inform the requesting countries of the decisions rendered against these individuals.

7 .Extradition of wanted  individuals at the Arab and International levels and handing over Jordanian nationals deported from Arab and foreign countries in order to  take the necessary actions in this regard.

8. To take the necessary procedures  regarding complaints, inquiries and requests submitted via diplomatic channels.

9.To check the names of individuals, vehicles and lost/stolen passports through I-24/7 system.

10. Prepare, arrange and coordinate between law enforcement agencies  for the purpose of participation in conferences, meetings and seminars that are held within the general secretariat of the Arab Interior Ministers Council , Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, General Secretariat-INTERPOL . then, archive the participations and follow up on the implementation of  recommendations issued after holding these meetings and conferences.

11. Follow up on statistical questionnaires and brochures. Then, forward them to the relevant authorities, and turn them back  to the requesting authorities after filling them with the required information.

12. To perform any other duties requested by the Public Security Directorate.