the royal department for environment protection

   Request form for holding an environmental awareness lecture


  • (citizen / government agencies / ... etc.)


  • Headquarters: Royal Department for Environment Protection / Public Relations and Awareness Department.
  • Alternative places: divisions and sections of the Royal Department for the Environment Protection  .
  • website:
  • Email ( Public Security Directorate 


  •  the attention and need of the concerned party.
  • Proper place and security for lectures.


  • A written letter from the party requesting the lecture addressed to the Directorate of Public Security / Royal Department for Environment Protection.
  • Addressing the Public Security Directorate / secretariate to obtain the necessary approvals from the competent authorities.


  • Submit an official letter to obtain the service.
  • The approval of the department director .
  • The necessary approvals from the competent authorities.
  • Addressing the service applicant and setting an appointment to provide the service.


  • Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Agriculture, Royal Society for Nature Conservation, Greater Amman Municipality, Public Institution for Standards and Metrology, Ministry of Water and Irrigation / Water Authority, Ministry of Local Administration, Aqaba Economic Zone Authority, Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


  • free

Time expected

  • 48 hours


  • Null.

holding an environmental awareness lecture