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  request for traffic safety supporters  


  • The parties of the accident, the affected persons, or their authorized representatives


  • Head office: Public Relations Branch - Traffic Department.
  • Alternative places: Traffic departments in the governorates. The possibility of obtaining the service electronically with the mention of the website:


  • The age shall not be less than (25) years, and the holder of a third class driving license as a minimum, and (3) years have passed since its issuance.
  • Provides a firm desire to volunteer.
  • Integrity and good conduct.
  • To be familiar with the traffic law and knowledge of traffic rules and traffic violations.
  • He must not have committed a traffic accident that led to the death of a person in the year preceding the year of selection.


  • A valid Jordanian driving license, and the date of its issuance shall not be less than three years.
  • A copy of the driving license.
  • A certified copy of the civil status identity card, or passport. A personal photo (4×6) numbered (2).


  • Filling out the form electronically.
  • Checking the date of issuance of the driving license, accidents and their compliance with the conditions. Security check on the applicant.
  • Obtaining the approval of the Public Security Directorate.
  • Note: In case of approval, a course will be held for traffic agents, and they will be given identity cards and seizure records.


  • Directorate of Public Security and Criminal Information Dept


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Time expected

  • 10 days 



request for traffic safety supporters

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