Traffic Department

 Sketch scheme modification request


  • The parties to the accident or the affected persons or their representatives.


  • The main center: Traffic Department / Traffic Investigation Division / Audit and Amendment Department / Capital Region.


  • Alternative places: (Irbid section / North Region, Al-Karak section / South Region, Aqaba section), Zarqa section and the Central Region.


  • The possibility of obtaining the service electronically, mentioning the website under the following terms:
    written description,
    sketch scheme ,
    The name of the vehicle's owner,
    Amendment to the vehicle number,
    Insurance (insurance contract).


  • To be the person concerned (the owner of the vehicle, his authorized representative or one of the parties to the accident).
  • In the event that the accident was judicial, the amendment shall be made according to a letter directed by the competent judiciary, and the applicant shall review the place of obtaining the service with the documents listed below:


  • Vehicle Ownership License
  • Driving License.
  • Personal proof.
  • Sketch scheme.
  • The authorization document in the event that the service applicant is authorized on behalf of the injured person with the documents mentioned above.


  • Visiting the concerned employee and paying the offence value.
  • Addressing Amman Customs with an official letter.
  • Visiting concerned employee and the payment of the value of the traffic violation, licenses and entry paper covered by official letter to Amman Customs, accompanied by a department employee, at 10:00 Am.


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Time expected

  • 5 minutes 



Sketch scheme modification request

required modification