Traffic Department

Providing Approval for Trucks of Cars Carriers


  • Cars transporting companies + citizens.


  • Traffic Planning Branch / Institutional Development Department / Traffic Department.
  • Alternate places: Aqaba Traffic section (it is the traffic department concerned only with the governorates to grant this permit)


  • The Recipients should be the owner of the carrier vehicle personally, or his relatives (father, brother, or son) acting on his behalf.
  • If the carrier belongs to individuals/companies/accredited clearance companies for foreign companies (regarding non-Jordanian carriers), an official authorization letter must be brought from to the Traffic Department to obtain the aforementioned permit.
  • The use description on the license to own the used semi-trailer must be: transporter.
  • If the vehicle is foreign, it is required to present the customs entry voucher or to bring an Arabic translation from an accredited translation office for the possession license to prove that the use of the semi-trailer is a car transporter.


  • A copy of a valid license to own the trailer head and semi-trailers for the car carrier.
  • Determine the starting and ending points of the desired trip.


  • Automatic turn number taking.
  • Filling in the service form by the recipient of the service or his authorized representative.
  • The employee checks the submitted papers and the data contained in the form.
  • Filling out the permit by the employee with the required data.
  • issuing the permit stating all the conditions, signed and stamped with the official seal.


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Time expected

  • (5) minutes, if the permit granted is for one vehicle.
  • Two working days, for car carriers and clearance companies.


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