Traffic Department

Obtaining Report of Accident by Unknown 


  • Injured person of an accident recorded unknown to the vehicles insured with comprehensive insurance policy.


  • Headquarter: Traffic Department/ Traffic section in the governorates.
  • Alternative locations: none
  • The possibility of obtaining the service electronically: the website:


  • Damage to the vehicle by an unknown vehicle.
  • Fill out the service form: date of the accident / reporting day / hour of the accident / insurance company name / contract number / contract expiry date / vehicle registration number / owner name / registration number / vehicle color / vehicle type / year of manufacture.
  • Check with the owner of the vehicle.
  • After filling out the form by the service applicant, he brings the vehicle within a period not exceeding 48 hours to be inspected within the traffic department or the provincial traffic departments, with the exception of official holidays, and by exceeding the prescribed period, the application is considered invalid.


  • A valid vehicle ownership license.


  • A valid driver's license.


  • Personal status document for civilians 


  • A valid comprehensive vehicle insurance contract document.


  • The authorization document in the event that the service applicant is authorized on behalf of the injured person with the documents mentioned above.


  • Fill out the application electronically.
  • Upload the required documents electronically on the website.
  • Bring the vehicle to be inspected.
  • Handing over a copy of the report to the service Recipients.


  • Insurance companies.


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Time expected

  • Five minutes.