Traffic Department

Obtaining an Accident Record for a Vehicle


  • Courts, official authorities , civil society institutions and insurance companies and citizens.


  • Information, studies and planning branch / traffic department in addition to the Irbed traffic section.


  • This service is only provided to the citizen who owns the vehicles.
  • Giving a recent registration number of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle must be Jordanian.


  • In the event that the requesting party is a court, an official or a civil body: an official letter is to be brought (on which the vehicle number is indicated).
  • In the event that the citizen is the owner of the vehicle: he must submit a personal identification document, along with the vehicle's license.


  • Delivering an official letter from the requesting authority to the concerned employee, o r presenting the vehicle's license by its owner in person.
  • The employee checks the number of accidents for the required vehicle.
  • Through the accident record system, the electronic form of record for the required vehicle accidents is printed.
  • The transaction is delivered to the recipient of the service and stamped with the official seal




  • (3) Dinars - Article (10) Clause (17) of Regulation No. (100) for the year 2015 with the exception of ministries, official and public departments, municipalities, joint services councils and educational institutions.

Time expected

  • (5) minutes if the service recipient requests only one transaction with one vehicle.