Traffic Department

Issuing Approvals for Heavy Vehicles (Concrete Mixer Pump, Excavator, Winch)


  • Companies, institutions and citizens.




  • The Recipients must be the owner of the vehicle personally, or a relative on his behalf (father, brother, or so).
  • If the Recipients is on behalf of the owner or his company, he must bring an official authorization letter from them authorizing him to obtain this permit.


  • Issuing approvals for Heavy vehicles (concrete mixer pump, excavator, winch)
    - A copy of a valid possession license.
  • For trucks entry permit, the following documents are required:
    - A copy of the valid possession license (trailer or tractor head + trailer or semi-trailer)
    - Cargo weight statement document.
  • A permit from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in case the vehicle’s total weight exceeds (60) tons.


  • Automatic turn number taking.
  • Fill out the special form for each vehicle according to the use capacity and the type of permit required by the service recipient or his representative.
  • The employee checks the submitted papers and the data contained in the form.
  • Filling out the permit by the employee with the required data.
  • Granting the permit stating all the conditions, signed and stamped with the official seal.


  • The Ministry of Public Works and Housing / Granting a permit for vehicles whose total weight exceeds (60) tons, indicating the permitted streets.


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Time expected

  • (5) minutes, if the permit granted is for one vehicle.
  • (30) minutes, if the permit includes several vehicles.




The permits are available online