Traffic Department

Informing About The Traffic Offences or Objection on Traffic Offence


  • All persons with traffic offences / vehicles owners.



  • Head office: Traffic Department / Public Service Office


  • Alternative places: traffic sections in the governorates


  • The possibility of obtaining the service through the website of the Municipality of Amman:


  • -


  • ID card.
  • Vehicle license.


  • Obtaining an automated turn number


  • Hand over the driver's license or the possession license to the employee of the violation inquiry counter


  • The employee inquires about vehicle violations through the violations system, prints the inquiry statement and delivers it to the service recipient


  • The recipient of the service receives the required data, in the event that it was an automatic control violation, the image of the vehicle’s violation is displayed on the screen


  • In the event of a circular on the vehicle, the recipient of the service is required to visit the enforcement counter or the source of the circular


  • Greater Amman municipality


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Time expected

  • five - ten  minutes