Detection of traffic reporting and complaints  

Information service

Beneficiaries: Companies, citizens, institutions, hotels, embassies, schools…etc


  • service recipients must submit compliant ( written, verbal or by phone)
  • traffic note or problem on site ( coming from officers of sections or field reports)


      • Fill the compliant form and submit it to official or any traffic reports on site to sections
      • A special team of planning and studies engineers is formed to detect site in cooperation with representative of concerned authorities (city, public works, municipalities …etc) depending on traffic reports.
      • Performing sensory detection on site, if detection is performed with cooperation from other concerned authority, a special report is prepared and signed by both sides.
      • Correspondences with concerned authority via official letter with technical and engineering solution to take necessary actions.

Notes: Null


      • Compliant form to explain the nature of traffic problem
      • Identifying the exact address ( name of street / neighborhood )

Expected time: 2-5 days depending on nature of compliant

Fees: Null

Location: Traffic planning branch / information, planning and studies section / central traffic department and other traffic section in governorates


    • Great Amman municipality
    • Ministry of public works and housing
    • Municipalities