Traffic Department

Checking the Profession Permits ( Traffic Purposes )


  • Relevant official authorities: (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, competent governorate), and official authorities requesting an recommendations on the service.


  • Traffic Department / Institutional Development division.
  • Traffic sections in the governorates / except for fuel stations.


  • The site must meet the traffic conditions that are specified in the instructions for licensing professions (fuel stations, driving training centers,... etc).


  • An official letter from the relevant authority, according to the nature of the profession to be licensed, specifying the required documents as follows:
    1) Land scheme for the last year.
    2) An organizational site scheme with the site directory installed for the last year. 3)Works permit.
    4) Land registration document for the last year.
    5) A structural scheme for the building that has been approved.
    6) A document for the rented site.


  • an official letter from the relevant authority.
  • Setting a date for conducting a sensory examination on the site proposed by the committee formed for this purpose.
  • The committee prepares a report revealing the reality of the situation.
  • Addressing the relevant authority with an official letter with approval or non-approval.


  • Ministry of Interior/ Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources/ Competent Governorate Joint revelation with the relevant authorities, Each according to his specialization, and the type of profession to be licensed.


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Time expected

  • 2-5 working days.


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