Traffic Department

Cancellation of the Seized Vehicles Reservation


  • owners reserved vehicles.


  • The main center: Traffic Department / Cases and Violations section.
    Alternative places: traffic departments in the capital + traffic sections in the governorates.


  • The vehicle must be reserved by traffic departments.


  • ID card + voucher of reserved license.


  • Pay the value of the violation to the accountant. Handing over the financial receipt and ID to the counter employee.
  • In the event the vehicle license expires (for less than one year), the vehicle licenses are sent in an official letter to the licensing department, accompanied by one of the department's employees, and the vehicle owner brings an undertaking from the license obligating him to license the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle has exceeded the expiry period of its license by a year or more, the vehicle is transferred with the owner with one of the employees to the Licensing Department.
  • In the event of violations of technical equipment, the vehicle is inspected inside the seizure yard by the representative of the Licensing Department, and the violation is removed.
  • In the event of violations that require the driver to be referred to the administrative governor, the vehicle is seized and the driver is transferred through an official letter accompanied by one of the department’s employees.
  • Handing over to the service recipient a receipt for the fees incurred for the parking period in the yard.
  • Removing the vehicle from custody after obtaining the vehicle release form, signed by the Judicial Division.


  • Vehicles and driving licensing department.


  • Null.

Time expected

  • (10 minutes.)
  • Half an hour, for the vehicles reserved in the Swaqa yard, to prepare an official letter for that.


  • According to the instructions, the vehicles of drivers who commit dangerous traffic violations are transferred to the Swaqa yard as a deterrent measure, and an amount of (150) dinars will be paid+ winch costs , and a half dinar for each day of parking , after the tenth day.