The royal department for environment protection 

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  • Service recipient (citizen / government agencies /...etc.)


  • Headquarters: the Royal Department for Environment Protection / Department of Environment Relations and Awareness.
    Alternative places: departments and branches of the Royal Department for Environment Protection .
    The possibility of obtaining the service electronically, mentioning the website:
    Email (
    Public Security Directorate website: (
    911-free hotline.


  • the concern of requesting party.


  • A written letter from the party requesting the service  addressed to the Public Security Directorate / Royal Department for Environment Protection.
    Addressing the Public Security Directorate / secretariate to obtain the necessary approvals from the competent authorities.


  • Submit an official letter to obtain the service.

  • The approval of the department's director.

  • The necessary approvals from the competent authorities.

  • Addressing the service applicant and setting an arrangements to provide the service.


  • Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Princess Alia Foundation / Shelter for Nature and Wilderness, Greater Amman Municipality, Ministry of Water and Irrigation / Water Authority, Ministry of Local Administration, Aqaba Economic Zone Authority, Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


  • free.

Time expected

  • 48 hours


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Request an environmental study