Borders and Residence Department

   Exemptions from fines of exceeding  


  • Foreign wives of Jordanians, husbands of foreign Jordanian women, students, children of Jordanian women, who have obtained fines exemption approval from the Ministry of Interior


  • The main building of the Residence and Border department Center + residency issuance branches located in the various governorates of the Kingdom + all border centers


  • The recipient must be inside the country
  • the attendance of the person concerned


  • A valid passport
  • Recent marriage certificate (husbands of Jordanian women and wives of Jordanian men)
  • Identity of the guarantor (Jordanian men and women for their spouses / Jordanian mother for her children)
  • Birth certificate, card for children of Jordanian women, or custody certificate (children of Jordanian women)
  • Proof of a student (to exempt university students)
  • Ministry of Interior exemption letter (for those who have obtained exemption approval from the Ministry of Interior)


  • filling the application Attach the required documents
  • Complete the transaction and the exemption stamp on the passport


  • Civil affairs
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Public and private universities
  • Ministry of Higher Education


  • stamp of 1 JOD

Time expected

  • 5 minutes


The student’s proof from private universities must be certified by the Ministry of Higher Education-