Bridges Security Department

Cargo coming Movement Procedures / Bridges Security Department


  • Concerned persons and trucks drivers.


  • Bridge Security Department / Cargo Branch.


  •  Existence of goods clearance procedures and completion of the necessary coordination procedures.
  • the necessary documents for the driver and truck (travel requirements).


  • A valid driver's passport .
  • A valid driving and ownership license, consistent with the vehicle category.


  • When the truck returns after loading from the Israeli side, the truck driver heads to the customs, completes the procedures, and takes an exit card.
  • The customs security officer takes the exit card at the main door of the department, and then the truck leaves the shipping department to the destination.


  • Jordan Customs (clearance of goods and inspection of baggage) + Agriculture (examination of agricultural materials and their suitability, as well as animals) + Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority (inspection of vehicles as well as people and trucks from any radiation upon arrival) + Clearance office (clearance of goods in terms of organizing papers and transactions)).


  • An amount of two dinars for each truck according to a financial receipt.
  • An amount of (20) twenty dinars for loading and unloading trucks by a forklift to the Bridge Security Department by the accountant of the shipping department (at the request of the concerned person).

Time expected

  •  According to the coordination procedures.


  •  Type of service (information service).