Bridges Security Department 

Arab Departures Movement / Bridges Security Department


  • Departing Arab travelers, bridge card holders, (reunification) Israeli  permit + Palestinian  identity.


  • Bridge Security department  / Arab Departures Branch


  • The departures must be of the (unification) document holders, Israeli  permit + Palestinian   ID + bridges census card


  • A valid temporary or permanent Jordanian passport or a Palestinian passport.
  • Israeli permit + Palestinian ID + yellow or green bridges census card
  • A travel permit by the father of the underage persons issued by clerk in the event that he is not  travelling  with one of his parents.
  • The written consent of the father for those accompanying minors if they are Jordanian nationals, signed and sealed by the nearest police station in the presence of the father .
  • A visiting card issued by the Civil Status and Passports Department, valid for (6) months, with the person's photo and stamped by the Passports department  and used for one time


  • Hall entry / ticket booking / baggage inspection / document check / filling out the departure card / security check and data entry / going to the bus / loading baggage / departure


  • Intelligence (checking documents and passports), Customs (inspecting and checking luggage ), Agriculture, Jet Company (passenger and baggage transportation.


  •  Null

Time expected

  • 24 hours / day


  • Information service