PSD spokesman said that a report was received to the Criminal Investigation Department by a citizen in Zarqa governorate that he had been involved in a traffic accident by a vehicle, and that the driver of the vehicle and three other persons tried to negotiate with him and take sums of money for avoiding legal procedures, but he refused. Asking them to follow the procedures and contacting the police, they immediately fled the scene.

The spokesman confirmed that, through investigations and the collection of information about those suspects, their identity was identified, they were arrested, and an investigation is underway with them in preparation for their referral to the judiciary.

The spokesman confirmed that what the citizen did and his insistence on refering to the judiciary and legal procedures prevented him from falling victim to fraudsters and arresting them, and avoiding others falling victim to them, which is always published through successive statements and warnings to raise awareness of that traditional fraudulent method, which can be avoided with one step which is following legal procedures.