The State Security Court issued a death sentence for the killer of one of the anti-narcotics ranks, the martyr Lieutenant Ahmed Al-Rawahneh.

The court decided, during a public session, held today, Wednesday, headed by Colonel Military Judge Dr. Muwaffaq Al-Masaeed, and the membership of Lt. Col. Judge Safwan Al-Zoubi, and Lt. Col. Judge Rami Al-Azzam, to fine the third convict an amount of 5,000 dinars in exchange for his criminalization of the felony of promoting narcotics and medical preparations.

the court’s decision indicated that the martyr Al-Rawahna was martyred during the official job in Irbid, and one of the members of the Anti-Narcotics Department was injured.

Enforcement of the provisions of the law during the process of arresting a drug dealer and in the course of carrying out their duties and carrying out the duties entrusted to them by law.

The court's decision indicated that the judgment is discriminatory by law before the competent court.