The Director of Public Security passed orders to facilitate the application of the General Amnesty Law

*Simple procedures not exceeding (15) minutes accompany the release process and a high level of coordination with the relevant judicial authorities.

The general amnesty law will reflect positively on the environment of correction and rehabilitation centers.

Director of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers at the Public Security Directorate, Brigadier General Falah Al-Majali, said that the general amnesty ordered by His Majesty King Abdullah II is a Royal honor that came in the holy month and had a good and positive impact among the inmates .

The director indicated said that the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, passed orders to facilitate   enforcing  the law in full coordination with the judicial authorities.

Speaking to Public Security Radio today, the Director of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Department confirmed that Public Security Directorate has completed all legal and administrative procedures, since the issuance of the Royal Decree approving the General Amnesty Law of 2024 and publishing it in the Official newspaper.

Al-Majali confirmed that since this morning, public prosecutors began releasing the inmates included in the amnesty, noting that the administrative release procedures carried out by the correction and rehabilitation centers do not exceed 15 minutes and include matters of handing over cash or in-kind possessions and the like.

At the end of the meeting, Al-Majali, on behalf of the Public Security Directorate, congratulated the inmates who were included in the amnesty and called on them to make this amnesty an incentive to move forward in their lives and among their society as active individuals away from criminal behavior.