The chairman of the Independent Election Commission, Musa Al-Maaytah, met today at the Royal Police Academy with a number of senior officers of the Public Security Directorate, to talk about the election law.

During his lecture at the academy, Al-Maaytah emphasized the role played by the Public Security Agency as a key partner in preserving the security of the electoral process and securing its stages and protecting it from any abuses or behaviors that would affect the polling and voting process, in addition to providing security protection for polling stations and boxes.

Al-Maaytah indicated that a program will be launched in the commission in cooperation with the Public Security Directorate to prepare recognized trainers by the Public Security for training on procedures for preserving the security and safety of the electoral process, in order to educate and train all participants.

Al-Maaytah also indicated that a joint guide will be prepared that includes the procedures of the electoral process and clarifies the tasks and responsibilities of the public security men during the various stages of the electoral process, and raises the level of coordination to follow up the complaints received by the commission and referred to the public security by it, such as vote-buying issues.

Al-Maaytah added that there is no way to pull back the path of political reform to reach a parliament based on partisan and collective action, indicating that the commission is no longer only responsible for managing the electoral process, but also has become responsible for managing the file of political parties.


Al- Maaytah highlighted the most important developments in the election and party laws, and the contribution of these developments in empowering women and youth and raising their participation in the political process.

At the end of the meeting, which was attended by senior officers of the Public Security Directorate, an extensive discussion took place, during which Al-Maaytah answered the questions and inquiries of the attendees.