The Capital Governorate Council praised the efforts made by Public Security Directorate, appreciating the roles that the Directorate provides to serve and support the community, in the efficient security and humanitarian fields.

This came during the visit of the Chairman and members of the Council to the Public Security Directorate and their meeting with a number of senior officers of the Directorate and directors of departments supporting development projects in the capital and the governorates.

This meeting was hold  due to  the Public Security Directorate's keenness to maintain communication with national institutions, councils and local bodies, in a way that contributes to serving citizens and meeting their needs in various regions, especially with regard to enhancing security, tranquility and community development.

The chairman  and members of the Capital Governorate Council valued the efforts made by the Public Security Directorate to maintain the security and safety system in the community, which is based on a participatory vision that it seeks to pursue with all official and civil institutions.