26 / 4 / 2024 

Public Security Directorate stated that drowning accidents are considered seasonal incidents in which many people fall victims, especially with high temperatures, as a result of some irresponsible behaviors by some people while visiting various gatherings and bodies of water.

The danger of these incidents lies in the fact that their fatal consequences are usually immediate when the life of the drowning person is exposed to danger and death occurs within a few minutes.

The Directorate indicated that it has worked to form water rescue teams through the Civil Defense, which are present in all sites of bodies of water in the Kingdom on official holidays during which citizens frequently visit them, which may result in drowning cases. These teams play a guidance and awareness role in the sites as well as proper handling of any drowning incidents that may occur.

The Directorate called on citizens to follow all preventive guidelines and instructions that may limit the occurrence of drowning incidents, in addition to avoiding random swimming in places not designated for swimming, such as dams, agricultural ponds, running water canals, and other similar water places.

It also called for the need to keep an eye to children and not allow them to approach water bodies or swim in them in order to preserve their lives, and not to carry out random rescue operations, which may often lead to more than one person being exposed to the risk of drowning incidents.