7 / 5 / 2024 

  Anti- Cybercrime Unit / CID investigated the recording holder to take legal action against her due to the fear she has caused in society

Public security calls on everyone not to publish such rumors or any publications without official statements by the concerned parties.

PSD spokesman said that the audio recording of a woman claiming that criminal groups are using lost children to fall people as victims is just a rumor and has been denied more than once in previous years, as each time, Public Security Directorate confirmed that.

The spokesman confirmed that Anti-Cybercrime Unit is following up the investigation in the recording to reach the doer in order to take legal actions against her for the clear violations of the law she committed and the incitement of fear and panic in society, which would also affect the inherent societal values in Jordanian society, such as helping others.


Here, Public Security Directorate renews its call on everyone not to publish such rumors without verifying them from their official sources, in order to avoid legal actions.