31 / 3 / 2024 

PSD dealt with the utmost discipline with the participants in the vigils that took place several months ago, in which thousands of citizens came out to express their opinions.

Last night witnessed attempts to attack, sabotage, and insult security personnel and close roads, in which men and women participated and deliberately assaulted and insulted public security personnel.

The police men exercised the utmost restraint, especially towards some girls. However, in light of the insistence of some and the deliberate abuse, a number of people were arrested.

Public Security Directorate confirms the continuation of its work within the framework of respect for human rights, and the application and enforcement of the law against anyone who attempts to transgress, assault, or incite.

Public Security Directorate will investigate all videos that were filmed and uploaded on social media.

PSD statement explained that Public Security Directorate dealt last night with some of the vigils and gatherings that took place in some areas of the capital, and that the police men present to keep public order with the utmost discipline and professionalism with the citizens, what the Public Security men have been doing for many months, in which thousands came out, citizens went to the streets and none of them were prevented from expressing their opinion.

The statement indicated that during the last night the nights before, these stops witnessed violations, abuses, and attempts to attack public security personnel, describing them with completely unacceptable words, in addition to attempts to sabotage and attack public and private property, sitting on the roads , These transgressions were committed by men and women who, over the course of days, came into contact with public security personnel.

Public Security men exercised the utmost restraint, especially towards some of the girls. However, with the increase in these violations and reaching an unprecedented level, and the insistence of some on intentional assault and abuse, a number of people were arrested as PSD investigating investigates  all videos appeared on social media.

The statement concluded: Public Security Directorate will continue its professional work in maintaining security and community peace, and enabling citizens to express their opinions in accordance with the laws AS the directorate will also continue its work in implementing and enforcing the law against anyone who attempts to transgress, or incite, by action or word, against police men .