Three of her brothers agreed to kill her, and they did not report her disappearance, and they deluded the others that she had left the country.

The body was buried in the Kasarat area in Madaba governorate and work is underway to search for the remains of the body.

The investigation teams, formed by order of Public Security Director, made investigative efforts to follow up information that led to the detection of the crime

PSD spokesman said that CID revealed the details  of the murder of  a lady  that took place 13 years ago, specifically in 2009.

The spokesman  indicated that the information team to follow up on unknown cases, formed by orders of Public Security Director in the Criminal Investigation Department, followed up the information to reveal the truth about the killing of the woman whose brothers had agreed to kill her, and they did not report her disappearance, and they deluded those around them that she had left an Arab country.

The spokesman added that as soon as the information was received, the investigation team began collecting information about the concerned woman, whose absence was proven outside the country, and she was not found inside the Kingdom, which increased suspicions about the circumstances of her disappearance.

He  confirmed that after expanding the investigation and collecting more information and evidence, the investigation was launched with her brothers, who confessed that they had agreed criminally to kill her in 2009.

PSD  spokesman added that search teams are now searching the area identified by the suspects to find  the remains of the body, and all parties will be referred to the Public Prosecutor of the High Criminal Court.