PSD spokesman  said that staff-members  of the Criminal Investigation Department and the metropolitan  Police were able to reveal  the details  of the murder of a sixty-year-old who was found dead inside his home in the center of the capital, and arrested the perpetrator.

The spokesman indicated that a report was received yesterday to the Amman Police Directorate about the presence of a person in his sixties who died inside his house in the Jabal al-Taj area, where the police immediately dispatched the location and the body was transferred to the forensic medicine, which confirmed the existence of a criminal suspicion in the case.

The spokesman confirmed that the investigation team from the Criminal Investigation and Amman Police directorate were able, after collecting information and evidence, to identify a suspect and arrest him, who admitted that he had fought with the dead man inside his house following a previous dispute, and that he pushed him, which led to his fall to the ground and his death, and he left the place.

The case was referred to judiciary