The largest number of vehicles are subject to examination in one campaign in the Kingdom, and the campaign continues until the middle of this month.

A representative of the Traffic Department stated that Public Security Directorate, through its specialized departments, carried out the technical inspection process for more than half a million vehicles, as part of its winter campaign to inspect the readiness of vehicles, which aims to raise the level of safety on roads in the winter season.

In an interview with Public Security Radio ) Amen FM), today, he confirmed that this campaign set a record in terms of the number of vehicles subject to inspection, which amounted to (521 thousand vehicles), which is the largest number of vehicles subject to inspection in one campaign.

He indicated that the campaign carried out by the Departments of Traffic, Licensing and Foreign Patrols, in addition to the Royal Department for Environmental Protection and Tourism, continues until the middle of this month, after it was extended to ensure that the examination is carried out on the largest number of vehicles.

He explained that the vehicle under examination is indicated by a sticker placed on the windshield of the vehicles stating that it is (technically ready), but in the event of any defect in the safety elements in the vehicle, the driver will be directed to repair it and alert him to the extent of the danger of this defect to his safety and the safety of others, while giving him A week's notice without recording a violation, and he has to go to the nearest department for licensing or driving after preparing his vehicle.

He added that this campaign also includes examining the gases emitted from exhausts that exceed the permissible levels and cause harm to the environment and road users, and the noise emanating from sound amplifiers that are installed in violation of some vehicles.

Public Security Directorate had launched its traffic strategy aimed at improving the traffic environment and reducing dangerous violations and accidents resulting from them, and based this campaign on aspects of prevention and awareness, and activating the traffic points system that targets repeaters of dangerous violations.